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skin lightening essences

       The cosmetic industry is booming when it comes to safe, skin lightening cosmetic products as the demand for having lighter, brighter, and an even skin-tone grows.  These products are known as Essences and Serums and help whiten and revitalize your skin, with out using harmful risky bleaches.  Results from using serums and essences are very subtle and build gradually after repeated, consistent use.  A lot of these cosmetic treatments help repair your skin and contain tinting agents that will give you the appearance of brighter skin when applied.

Serums and essences are primarily used on the face as they are very gentle and amazing at correcting dark spots and discoloration.  There are thousands of different brands and types of serums and all will yield different results for different skin types.  It is important to pay attention what ingredients make up these products, but in general, a good serum/essence will repair, lighten, and protect your skin from the sun.

The first time I heard of skin lightening serums was from Korean and Japanese products.  All though many Asian ethnicities are fair skin, using skin whitening essences are a part of the daily routine for many beauty conscious ladies in Asia.  It is not only used for spot repair, but preventative care as well.  Facial skin pigment tends to darken with age and sun damage, it’s always easier to prevent something from happening opposed to trying to fix something that has already gone bad.

These are not miracle treatments and all though they contain lightening agents, they do not use bleach!  Skin lightening essences and serums should be integrated into your everyday makeup routine, and are safe and beneficial to do so.

[ECOYOURSKIN]Face Sunscreen/ First Essence Whitening Serum

sunscreen lightening serum

 Some serums come in the form of lightening sunscreens that contain SPF to prevent sun damage and help prevent wrinkles.  They are light enough to be worn under make-up or on their own and are rich in anti-oxidants that will brighten, protect, and repair your skin with consistent use.

Another form of skin lightening cosmetic products are BB Creams.  BB Creams are beauty balms that are the best type of foundation for your face.  Not only are they super light, but also provide great coverage.  BB Creams are also designed to hydrate, and correct your skin tone.  There is nothing better than makeup that is actually good for your skin!  Recently cosmetic companies have jumped on the BB Cream and skin lightening craze and have combined the too.  Skin lightening BB Cream colors are very light in tone so it accentuates and brightens your natural skin tone, instead of just slapping on foundation that is noticeably too light for your skin.  Still, you can choose what tint you’d like your BB Cream.  There are hundreds of companies that offer skin lightening BB Creams, but I’ve found Asian creams work the best.  A lot of Korean companies have spent millions in research in development on products that compliment fickle, Melanin rich skin.

[Sulwhasoo] Snowise Whitening BB Base

bb cream skin lightening

For a more medicinal treatment type of essence the Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew has been a go to for many seeking light, safe essences that lighten.  Laneige whitening essences are popular internationally and regarded as very high quality.  Laneige products boast 6 functions; Luster, Moisture, Brightness, Evens Skin Tone, Slows Melanin Rate and Reduces Dullness.  The texture is a white, very thin and watery liquid that should be applied on a clean face morning and night.  The white tint will provide an immediate brightening effect as the ingredients slowly revitalize and brighten the skin by slowing down Melanin production.  Application can be used under makeup. This is not a bleach product so it is safe to use daily and results build gradually.

Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew

laneige skin lightening essenceYou should always be cautious what you put on your face as it is the first feature people see when they look at you.  Lightening serums and essences are the safest route when it comes to skin lightening and provide many more benefits than just whiter skin.

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