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The skin lightening industry is booming and has grown two-fold in just the last decade.  Almost every major beauty brand offers some variation of products that promise lighter skin.  The skin whitening industry has always been controversial in regards to self-acceptance, or even worse, safety risks.  All though many consumers experience no negative side effects and can achieve the skin pigment of their dreams, an even larger number of women and men are not willing to take said risks.

Most skin lightening products contain or try to replicate the effects of natural skin lightening agents.  All natural substances impose very little to no risks and can definitely help lighten the color of darker skin.  The downside, much like using lemon juice to add highlights to your hair, the results are very minimal.  Consistent use over a few months will definitely help gradually lighten your skin, and sometimes that’s best.  Dramatic, fast results will definitely conjure suspicion among people you know.


papaya skin lightening

Papaya is an exotic friend originating from tropical climate countries but can be found at most local grocery stores.  Papaya is not only delicious to eat but widely used for skin lightening purposes.  Many skin lightening products contain the natural enzyme Papain which is derived from the papaya fruit.  Papain helps naturally exfoliate and stimulate skin cell turn to help restore and reveal healthier, lighter skin.  Aside from your natural skin tone, darker skin can be attributed to dead skin cells and unhealthy skin.  You can rub papaya directly on your skin, mash it up to make a face mask, or even eat it to gain it’s natural skin refining benefits.

Certified Organic PAPAYA Soap

papaya whitening soap

Papaya Soap is very popular as well and safe to use.


lemon skin lightening

Lemons have been used as a natural bleaching agent for centuries.  As mention earlier, Lemons can not only be used to naturally bleach hair, but also to help lighten skin.  Lemon juice contains Citric and Ascorbic acid which will help slow down Melanin production.  It is also one of the great producers of Vitamin C which is essential for bright, clean, supple skin.  Being so acidic, lemon juice will help restore your natural pH balance which may cause your skin to look darker and duller when out of wack.  If you have sensitive skin it may be best to dilute the lemon juice with water to minimize irritation.  You can use a cotton pad to apply the lemon juice as you would apply a toner or astringent and it works great on dark spots and discoloration.  You only need to leave the lemon juice on your skin for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.


honey skin lightening

Honey doesn’t necessarily contain a lightening agent but is commonly used for healthier skin.  When your skin is healthier it will appear brighter, lighter, and more supple.   Honey has antibacterial properties that will restore and protect your skin.  It also acts as a strong, natural moisturizer that will keep your skin glowing.  A popular combination for a natural home remedy face mask is to add lemon juice and honey together to create a cheap, healthy (and tasty) face mask.  Lemon juice’s strong acidic components can dry out sensitive skin so the honey compliments it perfectly.  You can use regular, raw honey from the grocery store or some opt for a raw honey mask that may be easier to apply.

Honey Facial Mask 100% All Natural Raw Honey

raw honey mask

Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera plant skin

Aloe Vera Gel is most commonly used to help soothe sun burn, over exposure from the sun, hyper pigmentation, Psoriasis, dryness, redness and so much more.  It truly is a miracle product for the skin.   Many skin care products contain Aloe Vera which is a succulent plant this is grown is warm climates and praised for it’s natural, soothing properties.  Aloe Vera contains Aloesin which inhibits Tyrosinase, the enzyme that helps with Melanin products.  Slowing down Melanin production is the main formula for lightening skin, and Aloe Vera helps do this with the least amount of harm as possible.  Keep in mind Melanin is what helps your protect your skin from harsh UV rays from the sun so increased usage of sunblock is recommended.  You can find the Aloe Vera plant at the super market and a do at home mask is easy to make.  Just cut open a stalk of the leave and drain it of it’s natural Aloe Vera Gel.  You can than apply directly to skin or mix it was other products like lemon or honey to create a skin mask.  If you’re not a do-at-home kind of gal there are Aloe Vera Gel products that are just as effective.

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel


turmeric skin lightening

Turmeric is a plant that’s apart of the ginger family and widely used in India and Africa for a natural skin lightening remedy.  It is also used in food, dyes, and natural medicines so it is very safe so long as you have no allergies.  Turmeric also acts as a great exfoliater and antioxidant which is essential for scrubbing away dead, impure skin and revealing fresh, revitalized skin underneath.  The dying components of the rich yellow color also helps lighten darker skin giving it a rich, bright glow.  You can usually find Turmeric powder in the spice aisle or buy the natural, raw plant at any grocery store.  If you want to make your own Turmeric powder from the raw plant all you need to do is boil the plant for 45 minutes, let it dry for a few days, then grind til it is a powder substance.  You can easily mix the powder with clean water, or Aloe Vera Gel, or any other natural, safe moist substance to create a do at home face mask.  Turmeric also comes in soap form or in natural beauty creams.

Certified Organic TURMERIC Soap

turmeric lightening soap

Papaya Turmeric Grapefruit Skin Lightening Mask

 turmeric mask

Plain Yogurt

yogurt skin lightening

Believe it or not, plain yogurt is used as a natural, do it yourself skin lightening remedy.  Yogurt contains many natural nutrients that are good for your skin. It also contains lactic acid which is what contains the bleaching properties.  Make sure you use plain, white yogurt with no other flavors, sugars, or additives.  The kind that’s not very fun to eat.  Yogurt is often used by women for vaginal health issues so it is definitely safe for your skin.  Just apply the yogurt directly to your skin for 15-20 minutes everyday, or you can mix it with other natural, skin-healthy products for a thicker concoction.  Results are minimal of course but there’s no health risks and consistent use will produce subtle, gradual results.  For more of a mask texture there are yogurt creams and peel away masks that work great.

Brightening White Yogurt Lifting Sheet Mask

yogurt mask

Korres Moisturizing Face Cream, Greek Yoghurt

  korres greeak yogurt cream

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