Vybz Kartel

vybz skin bleach

The rapper Vybz Kartel had a drastic change due to skin lightening.  He is unrecognizable and his skin looks unhealthy and dead.

Shilpa Shetty

shilpa lighter skin

Shilpa grew up with a darker complexion much like many Indian girls.  Through out the years she has very subtly lightened her skin.  Light skin is very coveted in India.

Tempestt Bledsoe

tempest bledsoe

In recent years, Tempestt Bledsoe shocked fans with her much lighter skin.  All though it is rumored that she has Vitiligo due to the splotchiness, skin lighteners were definitely used to even out her skin tone.

Freida Pinto

freida pinto

Freida hit it big time with Slumdog Millionaires and her being one of the few Indian actresses in Hollywood really set her apart.  When Freida debuted she was about 3-4 shades darker and it’s no surprise she’d undergo some sort of skin lightening procedure as lighter skin is highly desirable in India.

Michael Jackson

michael jackson skin bleach

This really isn’t news to anyone.  The King of Pop has been shrouded with skin bleaching rumors all of his life.  He blamed his fading complexion on Vitiligo, which he might have indeed had.  When police arrived to MJ’s room after he had passed they were to have reported to have found many bottles of used and unused skin bleaching creams.

Jessica Ho

jessica ho

South Korean rapper Jessica Ho was many shades darker when she debuted, granted she took advantage of tanning and bronzers.  She has since then reconstructed her whole face as well as lightening her skin as well.  Skin whitening in Korea is so commonly practiced, it’s almost looked at as just another spa treatment.

ayoadesanya ayoadesanya

Nigerian actress Ayo Adesanya has been fighting rumors of skin bleaching for a good part of her career.  Skin bleaching is very popular in Nigeria and it’s very apparent that Ayo is much lighter these days.