Celebrities That Have Undergone Skin Lightening

Many celebrities have been caught using skin lightening products.  Of course it’s almost impossible to determine what kinds of products they’re using (they will never admit to skin lightening), be assured they are using the highest quality products.  If you know or suspect a celebrity of lightening their skin, send a message so they can be included on this list.

Beyonce Knowles

beyonce light skin

Beyonce has always had beautiful caramel colored skin.  I doubt she would ever use harsh, damaging chemical bleaches but she most definitely attends beauty bars where IV treatments and other microdermabrasion facials are offered.

kajol skin lightening

Kajol Devgan

When Kajol first debuted she had a rich, dark pigment to her skin.  Slowly through out the years she has gradually lightened her skin.  All though she has been thrown many accusations that she has denied, it’s pretty obvious.

Lil Kim

lil kim skin lightening

It’s no secret that Lil Kim has undergone a lot of cosmetic procedures as she is unrecognizable these days.  Even though her skin color was so beautiful before, she has definitely lightened her skin.

Nicki Minaj

nicki skin lightening

There is no question if Nicki Minaj has lightened her skin.  In her youth she had a beautiful, dark complexion that has dramatically lightened over the years.  Nicki is no stranger to undergoing cosmetic procedures, I wonder what she used on her skin.

Tiffany Hwang

tiffany hwang skin

Tiffany, much like many Asians, had a naturally tanned skin tone.  Skin whitening in Asia is huge and almost all popstars and actresses have some sort of skin lightening regime.  Now a days Tiffany’s skin is bone white.

Sammy Sosa

sammy sosa

Vanity over skin color is not exclusive to just women.  Sammy Sosa unfortunately has been accused of bleaching his skin.  This is a prime example of why some people should leave their natural skin color alone.  Bleaching his skin has stripped it of its vibrancy and youth.  Sure he is much lighter but he looks a bit sick and looked much better before.

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